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Vishvani Dev Saviturduritani Parasuv!
Yad Bhadram Tann Aasuv!!
(Yajurveda Adhyaya 3/mantra 3)
O creator of this universe, endowed with divine virtues,
O Lord! take away all the vices,
evil habits and evil deeds and give all that is beneficial to us. Agne-naya Supatha raye, Asmani Vishvani Dev ,
Vayunani Vidwan !
Bhuyishthante Nam Uktim Vidhem!!
(Yajurveda Adhyaya40/mantra16)

O Almighty!- an embodiment of light Himself, one who enlightens the whole world and who is endowed with divine virtues ! O LORD you are learned (with all knowledge and learning). Please bestow the knowledge and guide us to do the best work through the best ways for the prosperity of all of us. Please take away all the cunning-vicious deeds from us. We all worship you humbly in various ways.