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Principal Message

In the backward Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh, Bhagwandin Arya Kanya Post Graduate College, Lakhimpur-Kheri is an esteemed institution, dedicated to the all round personality development and quality assurance and enrichment of proud-traditions in the field of women education. Bhagwandin Arya Kanya Post Graduate College is a lighthouse in the field of women education in this region and has materialized the dreams of Swami Daya Nand Saraswati-harbinger of new age and possessor of an important place among the builders of Modern India. The college is named after the name of Pandit Bhagwandin- a learned and dedicated person to the ideals of Arya Samaj.

First principal of the college, late Sushila Devi Johari enriched the modern ideals of women education. Second principal Dr. Vimala Sharma further worked hard for the progress of this college. Post-graduation classes in Hindi and Sanskrit started and the college became a centre for Research-work.

The aim of education, specially women education is not only to give bookish-knowledge but to make total personality development and to develop contemporary understanding of the time and place and to make able citizens for bearing the responsibilities of the future. To make them sensitive to freedom, equality, brotherhood and humanistic privilege is also an important aim. Now-a-days, it is the responsibility of a higher-education-institution to create an awareness for the professional and technical competency in reference to the constantly changing world- scenario. For a strong family, society and nation, fundamental change and experiments in the field of women education are needed, for example- physical education, personality management, choice of professional chances, knowledge of law-process, awareness for calamity management, assessment of the effects of national and international events, Universal truths for a healthy and happy life, local needs, Co-life-existence, scientific and environmental attitude, art and cultural heritage, fundamental elements of social-co-ordination and understanding of new planning for economic growth etc. All these human values are contained in the educational system of Bhagwandin Arya Kanya College. Many of the students after getting education from this institution are working in various walks of life on the posts of importance.

It has been the constant effort of the institution that higher intellectual ability, workmanship, good citizenship and a deep faith in the higher values of life may be stronger and stronger in the students and their minds may always be free for competency, skill and for the best in them.

The institution is constantly trying to achieve its aims with the constant and unceasing efforts of the teaching staff and the active well-wishers, educationists, parents and the managing committee under the cometent guidance of the present president of the college managing committee- honorable Mr. Sushil Kumar Aggarwal ji.

Dr. Nirupma Ashok